Who is Pete

Who is Pete and why the show

 Welcome to Who is Pete

Who is Pete

How I got today


The people that have helped, 

Jane is my wife and has put up with a lot especially with my mental health more so than the physical problems.

Don and I meet online and have built a friendship that had Don and his wife Laureen travel to Australia for a month and stayed with us. Don is the mate that is just there when you need a mate.

Mel, I first saw on Youtube and for some reason her message resonated with me, Mel has helped me find perspective and believe I have something to give to the world.


What we will be talking about

The show is focused on Gen X ers but everyone will get something from it

If it is topical we will talk about Sport, Politics and Living. I will give you ideas on how to get better images from your camera and phone.

We will give our thoughts on what is happening in Australia 

We will confront the tough health issues that are men’s health and mental health.

I will share my knowledge on Beer Wine and Spirits acquired from working at Australias largest alcohol retailer.

I will help you to discover how to be you in a tough world and find ways to live and work in today’s world

Over the last 12 months, I have taken to the power of cooking, thanks to Sam The Cooking Guy and Cupcake Jemma.

So what is in it for you?

You will be listening to someone that communicates from the heart, share what I believe in and help you not be afraid of doing the same.

You will have the ability to be a part of the journey when we start streaming on Youtube and the Pete George Facebook group.

The chance to discover new food wine beer and spirits. If you are in Australia new places to visit, place to eat and discover.

The main one will be the interviews over time some will be inspirational some will educational but they will all be fun.

You can find us on Spotify, Apple Podcast Google Podcast and many other platforms.

We would appreciate the follows on Facebook, Twitter Instagram, our handle is petegeorgecom

Website petegeorge.com

Youtube, there is not much there yet but will be the page is PeterGeorge66 this will change but will do for now.

You can see some of my photography work at viewbug just look up petegorge

Who is Pete?

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