What are Cleanskins? We let you know.


Over the years cleanskins have come a long way since there introduction by winemakers in the early 2000s.

At Lifestyle and Living, we are breaking down the myths that cleanskins are a cheap nasty wine and that you may crack a good one now and then.

Cleanskins are away a winemaker can clear out overstock of a particular grape variety quickly and at times a lot cheaper than the branded wine. On some occasions, wines are made specifically for cleanskins.

Whilst working at Dan Murphy we had the state office above our store and we could ask the wine trainers a lot of question outside of our knowledge. The question of cleanskins was at the foremost when I become a fine wine specialist at my store. I was surprised when the process was explained and now I wish to share it with you.

I will base the information on what I learnt from Dan Murphy’s and I believe it works or should work across the board.

Once a winery has finished it’s bottling they approach the company with how many litres of wine they have left from their bottling run. Samples wine is then sent to in this case Dan Murphy’s tasting panel and they taste and make the decision as to what level of clean skin it is.

The best way to explain the level is the price point cleanskins start around $3 and go up to $15. The price point not necessarily mean the wine is a shocker at the lower end it just means it matches close to the makers stock wine, for example, the winemaker may market the particular chardonnay at $9.99 but becomes a $3.75 cleanskin.

The panel at Dan Murphy’s is diverse and well respected and will reject a wine if it just doesn’t stack up, that means it won’t sell or a bottle of poor wine, or they don’t have enough juice to make it viable to produce.

Take the Mclaren Vale 2018 GR25 Shiraz, a 93 point beauty and in reality, it is a solid 93 points, in my opinion, this matches up to a $25 to 35 non-cleanskin. I am doing a review on this product so subscribe to to receive the review in your inbox.

So, in short, the wines aren’t necessarily the dregs of the barrel, if you are used to drinking a better quality wine look for a rated wine of 90 points or above, but if you drink at the middle market this could become a way to enjoy wine more often at a price point that is just as enjoyable.

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