The Lucky Squire

The Lucky Squire Brewhouse

Peter George



The Beer was great the bar staff were excellent however the food and foodservice left a lot to be desired.


The Lucky Squire

The Lucky Squire

Well, I had been anticipating going to the Lucky Squire Brewhouse in Broadbeach since its announcement that James Squire was going to be in the local area. Their beers are excellent, especially the in house-brewed beers.
It was a rainy Saturday, and we arrived around lunchtime the staff were great had us seated and nicely near the heaters. I ordered the first round of drinks, $50 for two pints a Preseco and Soft Drink.

The Beer

We will talk about the good first. The beer was excellent we had a good selection overall including the tasting paddle which had four different beers and cost $20 which is excellent if you have not tried all the squire beers, remember it doesn’t include the onsite brewed beers.

We had on the taster.

The Porter
Broken Shackles (see full review)
150 Lashes

The Lucky Squire

I also tried The Resurrection and dark ale that was like eating a caramel toffee, if it is still on tap a must-have.

As a place to have a few beers on a lazy Sunday afternoon, you can’t go to wrong, that is where the joy stopped.

The Food

We waited a while and ordered our food which like any pub you go to the counter, this is different at the restaurant as they have full service there.

We ordered the southern style chicken burger, Riverine premium rump and the Alla Zucca pizza (Pumpkin, goat’s cheese, spinach, pine nuts, red onion). The prices were ok for a pub (brewhouse) that’s about where it all fell apart.

It took nearly 50 minutes to get the food, and we ordered well before the rush, people that ordered after we did were getting their meals which lead us to ask where are ours, it’s coming we’re busy was the answer.

Then the meals arrived, the Pizza first, this dry, bland no topping piece of dough was a disgrace, the images they have for promotion show lovely pieces of goats cheese pumpkin and spinach, well we had to send out search and rescue to find these ingredients on the Pizza. Yes, it was a wood-fired Pizza, I think the local RFS had put it out it was that dry.

The burger was ok, but not in the realms of enjoyability, slapped together, the chilli mayo was flavourless and just enjoyable, the chips were great. I have had more enjoyable chicken burgers at Pattismiths Burgers. I don’t know how long it was sitting waiting to get to me, but it was just warm.

Then the steak nothing prime about it a decent-sized piece of meat and we will leave it there.

Final Thoughts

The ambience of the place is great a good buzz. However, I wouldn’t recommend eating there it is a big let down, and it seems to be a growing concern about what should be a great experience.

I have now eaten at both the Squire brewhouses and The Charming Squire at Southbank Brisbane is so far ahead in the food stakes I couldn’t believe it was the same organisation running these two places.

Would not recommend this at all. However, the beer was great, and the bar staff sensational.

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