Image by Peter George

Photography has played a large part in my life and from 2004 it became my profession. From weddings, sports and events for more than a decade it was my 24/7. Now that it is back to just a passion I want to help you make the best images you can with any means. I will also help you understand the importance of printing your images as I have always said “we are the most photographed society known to man but the least remembered”.

I hope you enjoy the posts and soon our youtube channel to visually help.

21 January, 2020

The Power of Photography

The Power of Photography       One of the things Jane and I are fortunate to do is travel a bit, as a photographer, this is great as I love photographing the different people…

18 November, 2021

Photography ART – Is The Art Dying in 2021

Photography ART – Is The Art Dying In 2021 Bali Streets Sanur – Image By Peter George I have been a photographer for more than two decades and have seen a lot of changes over…

27 January, 2020

Street Photography – 3 Keys To Success

Street Photography – The 3 Keys To Success “Travel is the greatest experience anyone can have, we learn new ways of life, culture and a great appreciation as to what we have in our own…

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