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I stumbled across naked wines and thought I would give their angle pack ago they offered a discount and received six mixed wines for $40.00. So what are my thoughts we will get there but let’s look at the philosophy of Naked Wines?

What they say

Back in 2012, we set out to make the world a better place for everyday wine drinkers like you. A world where insanely talented independent winemakers lovingly created the only wine you ever drank. Where the quality of every bottle was guaranteed top-notch, but you didn’t pay crazy prices. And a No Fuss Refund you could always buy with complete confidence.

For years the big supermarkets have been giving winemakers and drinkers like you a lousy deal. Their buying clout forces winemakers to churn out bland production line plonk for peanuts, which the big boys stick a fancy label on and flog to you as a special offer.

Winemakers pushed to their limits, and frankly, you could make better tasting vinegar in your garden shed. The only winner is the supermarkets.

A growing army of 100,000 Naked Angels in Australia now tuck the 40 they’d typically spend on wine each month into their wine-piggy bank at Naked.

In return, they make spectacular wines exclusively for you, at insider prices. So your 40 gets you much better wine for your money.

Naked Wines

We use the money to back 52 winemakers (and counting!) around Australia and New Zealand, to the tune of $4m every month.

It’s a classic crowd-funding. The power of people coming together, so everybody wins. You get far superior wine at preferential prices, and the winemakers can make a living. Only supermarket profits get squeezed.

So that is their story and thoughts so what are mine.

Member Benefits

  • A FREE bottle every month when you order a case
  • Angel only prices (20-50% less).
  • Access to Angel EXCLUSIVE wines
  • Invitations to EXCLUSIVE tasting events

My Thoughts

Well to start with they pride themselves on communication and that has been lacking, yes they communicate well with their marketing; however to get anything from them has been difficult, COVID 19 is not an excuse. 13th July I first contacted and one of their happiness managers was to get back to me and still no response at the time of writing. So not a great start.

The website is easy to navigate and makes the shopping experience simple and easy and quit a pleasure, not like more significant brand sites.

The philosophy of Naked Wines to me is more of a wine club supporting smaller wineries in Australia and New Zealand, which is excellent you start to look and single-vineyard wines and that makes a lot of difference when producing quality wine.

The commitment from you is $40.00 per month, but you can spend it how you like single bottles, six-packs or cases of wine or merchandise. They say there is no middle man well there is that is Naked Wines, but they seem not to be greedy like other larger organisations (Dan’s and Coles), so yes you still have a middle man, but they look after the winemaker, not the shareholder. You can cancel anytime, but from my first wine (review to come) you won’t be disappointed and if you are the have what seems to be an excellent refund policy.

My first order

I ordered the Angel Favourites Mix Six, and it was a solid mix of wine, to say the least as I have purchased mixed cases elsewhere and was as impressed with the variety.

I will be reviewing each of the wines, so be sure to stay in touch.

I ordered them on the 11th July and received them on 20th July; this was no fault of Naked Wines Australia Post struggling to deliver anything in an orderly fashion. The efficient time frame from Naked Wines ordered on the Saturday 1tth July, it was shipped on the Monday 13th July so what a significant turnaround and they pride themselves on fast shipping.

naked wines

The wines come packed quite well and have an excellent intro booklet gives you further insight into the winemakers and the concept of Naked Wines.

So far the most significant winemaker of note is Daryl Groom he was the head winemaker and part of the team that crafted Grange, so that’s a good get as he doses no his wines and how to cultivate excellent grapes.

So from what I have seen, there is no real catch to this just a great opportunity to help small winemakers build a brand as well as offering excellent wine at anywhere between 20-50% of for wine angels (members). I have also read that they do offer samples, so we will see what happens there.

Overall I think this is not a gimmick it is more of a collective or as we see things today crowded funding wine.

A great deal for you

naked wines

We have added a link to there site for you were you can receive $100 off you first case click here

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