james squire broken shackles
James Squire Broken Shackles


Peter George



A nice beer that is on the bitter side for a larger however still very enjoyable. The bitterness I feel comes more from the keeping the beer on the craft side other than a sheer drinking beer.


James Squire Broken Shackles

James Squire Broken Shackle

In all honesty, my prefered beer is a larger something that is enjoyable to drink, that is fresh and has an enjoyable flavour, that is a little fruity. My goto larger is Iron Jack. So let’s see how this new craft beer from James Squire goes.

The great thing with James Squire beers are the ingredients are all Australian Grown a big plus for me.
It has that same drink feeling as the other craft beer from James Squire, it has that non-commercial feel to it. Which was surprising and is with all of James Squire beers considering they are part of the Lion Nathan Group.

On pouring the beer it is a Golden Honey colour with a fresh and summery aroma. The first thing I noticed compared to Iron Jack it had a little more of a bitter kick to it, which lets you enjoy it more, I find with Iron Jack you slam them down great for a hot day and thas about all.

It’s for me has a perfect balance between flavour and a refreshing beer, with a well-controlled brewing process that allows the beer to be crisp with enough lower bitterness that lets each mouthful be enjoyable and refreshing. Without a doubt it should be enjoyed around the BBQ or just as a nice drink to have when you get home

For me, this was the missing link in a solid stable of craft beers available commercially, Highly Recommended.


A crisp lager that exhibits a balance of subtle herbaceous hop notes with a refreshingly uncomplicated clean finish. Brewed using pale and Munich malts combined with noble Hallertau Mittelfruh hops, this brew is a quality quencher.


James Squire fought his way to freedom, taking plenty of risks and finally breaking the shackles of his seven-year sentence to set up Australia’s first brewery.

James Squire Shackles
VarietyEasy Drinking LargerSize345ml
Standard Drinks1.3Alcohol Volume4.6%
CountryAustraliaStateNew South Wales
Brand NameJames SquireClosureCrown Seal
HopsHallertau MittelfruhMaltPale, Munich

As with all larger’s, the are designed to be knocked down after a hard day or on a hot day so these match with chips, nuts.

You can also enjoy Shackle with family and friends at a BBQ. Chard burgers and sausage with a good helping of onions and you are on your way, bread or salad your choice.

james squire broken shackles

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