james squire 150 lashes
150 lashes


Peter George



The beer that made James Squire 150 Lashes is an enjoyable Australian Pale Ale that I recommend highly especially if you haven’t tried a craft beer


James Squire 150 Lashes Review

James Squire 150 Lashes

With a lovely golden hue that at first you may think there is something wrong with your glass or eyes, but alas it is a great cloudy Australian Pale Ale.

150 Lasesh was the first Squire beer I had and is what the story is of James Squire is about. Fresh clean and a beer that needs to be savoured and enjoyed with no lack of flavour and clean finish.

With a strong hoppy taste and aromas with some nice fruity aromas from its mix of Australian hops (4).

AS much as you can sit and a glass of good wine or whisky, you can do this with 150. A great beer that is just nice to drink that doesn’t leave a nasty after taste it’s clean and refreshing. It is right in the middle of drinkability and sits on it and enjoy the occasion.

If you a new to craft beers this is a great start, it has a structure that you can sit and work out for yourself.

A very enjoyable beer that I highly recommend.


A clean-finishing, Australian-style cloudy pale ale for cracking refreshment. Malted wheat adds to its refreshing character and a concoction of hops creates fruity aromas with hints of passionfruit, grapefruit & citrus.


When James Squire was discovered stealing ingredients from the stores to make the colony’s first batch of beer, the Judge ordered 150 lashes… plus two barrels of ale. Thankfully for us, James Squire was a far better brewer than he was a thief.

James Squire 150 Lashes Review
VarietyAustralian Pale AleSize345ml
Standard Drinks1.1Alcohol Volume4.2%
CountryAustraliaStateNew South Wales
Brand NameJames SquireClosureCrown Seal
HopsAmarillo, Willamette, Nelson Sauvin , GalaxyMaltPale, Munich, Wheat


james squire 150 lashes


  • 2-3 live spanner crabs 700-900g each
  • 3 TBS fermented chilli paste (sub crushed chilli or sambal)
  • 3TBS fresh peppercorns
  • 1 bunch garlic chives cut into 4cm batons
  • 100g butter, diced
  • 60ml olive oil
  • 345ml 150 Lashes Pale Ale
  • 1 handful warrigal greens (sub-English spinach)


  1. Put spanner crabs to sleep in the freezer for 20 mins. Clean by removing the top shell and cutting into quarters then set aside.
  2. Heat the oil in a pot (with a lid) big enough to hold crabs. Once hot add chilli paste and peppercorns and cook until fragrant while swirling the pot.
  3. Add crabs to the pot and stir, coating the crabs in the fragrant oil.
  4. Add 150 Lashes to the pot and cover with the lid to catch the steam.
  5. Continue to cook for 4 – 6 mins, shaking the pot sporadically.
  6. When the crab meat has turned from translucent to nice and opaque it’s time to lower the heat and add the butter. Allow the butter to incorporate into the dish while gently shaking the pan and follow with the warrigal greens. Place the lid back on the pot and switch off the flame.
  7. Arrange the crabs on a large platter and pour the remaining sauce over the top.
  8. Serve with lemon wedges

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