georges paragon sanctuary cove


Georges Paragon Sanctuary Cove

George’s Paragon is a Greek-themed restaurant in 4 locations

  • Sanctuary Cove
  • Mt Tamborine
  • Brisbane
  • Coolangatta

We often go to the Sanctuary Cove restaurant and we always have a nice time, the food is plentiful, to the point where it is too much. The wine list is ok but at the higher end of the price.

The review is based on the last time we were at George’s in December 2019.


The Service

As normal with George’s you are warmly greeted, we were able to be seated straight away as there are no reservations. Our waitress was friendly, cheeky and up for a bit of banter, which is always fun. As for this part, it was very good. The one thing that let this part of the night down was the lack of attention with drinks, not that we were having many but never asked if the others in the party wanted a drink that was not drinking wine.

The Food

Georges Paragon Sanctuary Cove

George’s has an all-day half-price menu, that seems to be their selling point, but I don’t think the bread was at $7 a roll


 freshly baked bread rolls served w/ butter $7

Not a chance in hell paying that for a bread roll.


scallops – bacon, lemon meuniére $14

This was an excellent dish, the scallops were cooked perfectly and the accompanying sauce was nice, a little rich for my taste but was well balanced for the scallops. The presentation was nice but a little different on a bed of rice.


chicken parmigiana = ham, Napolitano, cheese $19.50

I know, I know Chicken Parma at a Greek restaurant that has an extensive menu, I hadn’t had one in ages and felt the need for one, so go easy.

This thing is huge it was that big you could have been mistaken that it was a turkey they used not a chicken however yes it was chicken.

As for a Parma, it was ok at best, the Passata they used was the equivalent of a poor pub topping, it was thick and made from a canned puree not a true tomato base for parma, there was a good amount of ham, served with enough chips to feed the whole table of 4.

Whilst in Bali where we stayed had a Chicken Parmigiana, that was a perfect size and the passata was fresh and flavoursome something George’s could learn.

A disappointing main meal.



The occasion for this dinner was my wife’s Jane’s Birthday, normally Janes mum gets cake but she was unable to get it on this occasion, so they helped out with a cake, of choice and it was the 

Baklava, walnuts and honey syrup made in the traditional greek style $15.80

I am a big fan of baklava and living in Melbourne you come across some of the best outsides of Greece, but this was a nice one up there with some of the best I have had.

The Wine List

having lived and breathed wine for longer than I can think as well as educating people in wine in previous jobs, I still baulk at prices of wines at restaurants, especially when they have a standard wine list with a couple of exceptions and George’s was no different. The wine list is their standard they do have a reserve list if you wish to ask.

Australian beers started at $7.50 for Coopers Light or VB and $8.00 for a craft beer notable on the list Stone and Wood Pale Ale

International beers started at $9.00 including the Greek wonder Mythos, Asahi and Gunness.

That’s not to bad for beer, but that’s where the fun stopped. 

Glasses of wine ranged from $8.00 to $20.00 for a Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial NV

Over the years I have happily paid $100 for a wine with dinner, but I do take exception to an ordinary wine list that is on the higher side.

So let’s look at a couple of wines before I let you know what we decide on for dinner

Cape Mentelle, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, Margaret River, Western Australia $53.00 plus corkage. That’s a little tip right there, they don’t mention that anywhere.

Cape Mentelle has a great stable of wines and the and the SBS is one of there best, yes you can buy at most of the major liquor outlets, and enjoy it which I do, but paying more than double it’s not that nice a wine

Penfolds ‘St Henri’ Shiraz Barossa Valley, South Australia $225

The wine list doesn’t state the year but, this has always been an exceptional Shiraz from Penfold’s, however, the current vintage is 2015.

At $100 retail they are well let’s say making up for the half-price food, yes I get the cost of things and appreciate, however pricing wine at this level is fine dining pricing and George’s is nowhere near fine dining.

So what did we select?

George’s Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Eden Valley, South Australia $39.00

What a nice wine and one I would recommend, it was light enough to go with the seafood marinara, as well as not being lost with a Chicken parmigiana, there are a lot of good growers in the Eden Valley as this wine indicates. It was a medium-bodied wine, with great fruit notes, it was well priced at$39.00.


The night was great celebrating a birthday in otherwise hard times, Janes father was very ill and could not attend, but even still we had a great night.

The food at best is a high-end pub meal, with servings that in my opinion are a ridiculous size. One table ordered the seafood platter for two it would have feed five comfortably, nothing to brag about here

the wine list is the same with a couple of exceptions but nothing to write home about, very disappointing.

The company was great, the waitress was fantastic, however, we were let down by the food, would I recommend George’s at Sanctuary Cove, no, but their pizza shop on the outside is exceptional.

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