Ageism, real or not?


For me ageism is real you reach a certain age, it appears to be 45, then things start to unravel, most times in an unpleasant way become unemployed, wondering what you are doing in the position you have, not getting promoted and the list goes on. Also at this point in life, there can be personal changes that affect you and how you see things in the world

In reality, the business is losing out you have anywhere up to 20 years to go in the workforce, in most cases the children have grown up and all you want to do is what you have done and that is be successful.

“When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Victor Frankl

With millennials now in most management roles it is easier for them to employ like-minded and aged people for the simple reason they don’t pose a threat to them, for some strange reason and I can’t put my finger on it millennials are scared of older people. 

There is one thing I do know and that is we all have things to offer in the workplace and these skills should be shared.

“The best education you can get is investing in yourself, and that doesn’t mean college or university.” – Warren Buffett


If you grew up in an era that didn’t push people to universities then you will appreciate where I am coming from.

Today a large majority of people in the workforce have travelled a path of School, University, Work which for me is fine if you want to work in an academic-based position, that being account, lawyer etc. Most senior roles need more of a practical skill base which for me you can’t learn in a textbook, nor can you have the skill set at 30.

“A real leader isn’t somebody who develops the most followers; a real leader is somebody who develops the most leaders.”– Unknown

This is where a lot of the ageism begins, the university-educated person thinks they know best because they have been taught were as the gen x person has been taught in a practical way as well as studies later on but the bulk of the skill has been learnt on the job and this is not recognised anymore.

So as mature workers we have a couple of choices accept the norm (which most do) or reinvent yourself, look a what you have and develop a way to utilise these skills, this may be self-employed or you may just be in the wrong industry.

“A genius without a road map will get lost in any country, but an average person with a road map will find their way to any destination.” – Brian Tracey

So if you want to do something other than the norm start by doing an old fashioned SWOT analysis of yourself, grab someone other than family and work through it.

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